Population - Tools


Parenting for a Digital Future: Recruitment Flyer

Recruitment flyer used to recruit parents and their children to the study.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Promotional Materials. Population: Parent and Youth.

Parenting for a Digital Future: Interview Protocol – Parent

Interview protocol intended for understanding a parent’s perspective on using digital media with their child and parenting in general.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Interview Protocol. Population: Parent.

The Leveling Up Parenting Project: Coding Tree

Code tree for qualitative interview analysis related to family interviews about interest-driven learning and technology.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Coding Tree. Population: Parent and Youth.

The Leveling Up Parenting Project: Background Parent Survey

Survey intended to collect info on parent’s background in areas of media use and interest-related online activities.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Survey Questionnaire. Population: Parent.