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Maria J. Anderson Coto

Doctoral Student

Maria J. Anderson-Coto is a PhD student advised by Kurt Squire and co-advised by Constance Steinkuehler. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Business in Universidad de Costa Rica. Maria is passionate about working with people coming together in communities and teams and how to empower communities and improve teams. Maria is currently working on projects funded by NSF and Gates Foundation, doing participatory design with Latinxt teenagers in the topics of wellness.
Maria is also interested in gaming and esports communities, studying them both at player and fan levels to better understand how communities form, how they interact and grow. Recent work focuses on how the esports fans build their own identity, how they are able to come together as a community, and how they negotiate their relationship with game developers. With her research, she hopes to better understand these communities, and how we can leverage their successful techniques to other communities.