The Affinity Project

About This Study

The Affinity Project investigated mentoring and intergenerational supports within the connected learning framework through a number of research projects: The Understanding and Improving Adult-Youth Matches, and The Veteran’s History Project. The Affinity project identified two new models of mentoring based on this fieldwork: 1) Practitioner mentoring, which involves incorporating the best practices that have been learned through youth mentoring research into the everyday interactions that staff have with youth in out-of-school (OST) settings, and 2) Youth initiated mentoring, which involves teaching youth to recruit mentors who share (and can help develop) their interests.


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Tools Used

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The Affinity Project: Urban Scholars Interview Protocol

This protocol includes pre- and post- program questions for understanding the network of supportive adults in a student’s life.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Interview Protocol. Population: Youth.

The Affinity Project: Urban Scholars Student Survey

Survey intended to collect baseline data from youth on the adult mentors in their lives.

Topics: Connected Learning. Types: Survey Questionnaire. Population: Youth.
  • Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts, Boston

  • Sarah Schwartz, Suffolk University