Research Tools


The Connected Learning Research Tools microsite features tools and instruments from 11 connected learning studies and projects. We expect this site to be of interest to:

  • University researchers doing research in similar areas that are curious about how our research was done,
  • Evaluators of informal youth programs that do assessment and evaluation, and
  • Practitioners (librarians, teachers, educators) in informal youth programs that need to do research or evaluation to accomplish a goal.

This site is organized by studies and tools. Visitors to the site can select a study by clicking the corresponding image to learn the story of each study, including a project description, team members, any reports or case studies published, and tools used. These stories are included so scholars and practitioners can see the range of material that is possible to create using the instruments.

Visitors can also access individual tools directly from the tools section at the bottom of the page. Each tool page includes a description of the tool, as well as a downloadable version of the tool. Both studies and tools can also be filtered by topic, instrument type, and population using the filter mechanism at the top of the “all studies” or “all tools” pages.

We welcome submissions of additional studies and tools from our community! If you think you have a study or tool we might be interested in including on the site, please contact us.

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