The Making Connections project leverages the connected learning framework to study the design of strategies and models that support making connections across settings for girls from STEM programming to future academic, civic, and career-related STEM opportunities. Though we have research evidence for how STEM learning is supported within individual out-of-school programs and learning experiences, less attention has been given to how STEM learning is connected across learners’ lives and specific and intentional ways to support transitions between STEM opportunities and across settings. Through partnership with STEM Next and its Million Girls Moonshot (MGM) initiative, this research studies how networks, programs, and the people within them make connections across settings to support girls’ persistence in and transitions to STEM opportunities.


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Mimi Ito


Connected Learning Lab

UC Irvine

Kylie Peppler

Informatics, Education

UC Irvine

Maggie Dahn

Associate Project Scientist

UC Irvine

Lora Cawelti

Graduate Student Reseracher

UC Irvine