The All Together Now project investigates how informal programs can broaden participation by building social capital in STEM for youth from underrepresented groups. The project integrates social network analysis with research on informal learning, and draws on the connected learning framework for how to connect learning across settings. It builds on evidence that sponsorship of youth interest, affinity-based mentorship, and brokering connections to other settings and opportunities can build social capital and support interest and persistence in STEM.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation Advancing Informal Science Learning Program, Award Number 1810923.


Bridging Theory to Practice: Conducting Culturally Responsive Interviews With Historically Marginalized Youth in STEM

Moving beyond theoretical research to offer concrete examples for designing culturally responsive instruments in STEM.

Building a “Home-Place” in STEM: Leveraging Race, Resistance, and Cultural Wealth to Foster STEM Counterspaces for Youth of Color

The power and potentiality of STEM homeplaces as places of refuge, healing, radical possibility for Students of Color

Social, Emotional, and Cultural Supports for STEM Equity: Lessons from Informal STEM Learning Programs

Uses the connected learning framework to analyze equity-enhancing features of informal STEM learning programs.

Connected Learning Spaces Supporting Engineering Interest Development: A Case Study of Ego-Centric Network Analysis of Relationships

Explores the use of ego-centric network analysis to investigate how out-of-school programs can build social capital for youth from underrepresented groups.

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