Raising Good Gamers: Envisioning an Agenda for Diversity, Inclusion and Fair Play

Raising Good Gamers connects researchers from the Connected Learning Lab (CLL) with game developers and gaming advocates to create a youth-centered agenda for improving pro-social gaming behavior. In the same way that healthy schools support student learning, development and well-being, healthy online communities provide safety, support, challenge, and opportunities for social and emotional development. Our goal: the creation of a shared agenda to guide future research and collaboration to make online gaming communities more youth-friendly and inclusive.

Online climate affects the overall digital health of youth. How can we develop youth’s socio-emotional capacities to positively shape the climate of online communities? What are the specific types of online interactions and policies that create a hostile environment for girls and other groups underrepresented in gaming culture? How might we support youth in designing for masculinities and not masculinity, as a lever for more diverse, inclusive, and fair learning spaces? What role can the design of games, gaming communities, and associated technologies play in mitigating abuse? How do we build the foundations of a healthy community directly into the platforms themselves? Through a series of intimate hands-on workshops and a more formal two-day convening, we will bring together key participants in academia, industry, and educational practice to:
—Identify a set of challenges that can help define a research agenda and support progressive coalition building to make online gaming communities more youth-friendly and inclusive;
—Identify a set of promising strategies to address these challenges;
—Develop guiding principles and a shared agenda for developing positive gaming communities through the social-emotional development of youth. These principles include inclusive design processes, ways of addressing barriers, and methods to effectively measure impact.
—Lay the foundations for an initial coalition of committed stakeholders to carry the work forward.

Project Leads:  Katie Salen, Mimi Ito, Gillian Hayes, Candice Odgers, Kurt Squire, Constance Steinkuehler, Stephanie Reich, Bonnie Ruberg, Aaron Trammel