Financial Education and Financial Justice Through Board Games: Loy Loy and What Does the Algorithm See?

IMTFI and the Filene Center of Excellence in Emerging Technology are developing and piloting interactive card and board games aimed at enhancing players’ understanding of financial plurality and financial justice. Loy Loy is an innovative savings board game that teaches financial literacy in an immersive group environment. Just as the board game Monopoly gives us a flavor of the property market, this game provides a taste of the situation in the developing world where the sharing economy is key. In the game, each player takes the role of a Cambodian garment factory worker who earns monthly factory wages while making monthly contributions to their local savings group. What Does The Algorithm See? is a card-based activity intended for employees of credit unions to enhance awareness and literacy of algorithm-based data analytics and risk scoring in financial services. Players are given a persona, a set of circumstances, and a financial goal, and reflect on the kinds of data profiles generated by their character’s activities as well as the implications of algorithmic credit scoring on their character’s financial well being.

Project Lead: Dean Bill Maurer