Data Visualization Literacy in Museums

This Innovations in Development AISL project is motivated by the insight that in the information age, being able to “read and write” data visualizations is becoming as important as being able to read and write text, and that in the digital information age, being able to create and interpret data visualizations is an important literacy for the public. The research will seek to define, measure, and advance data visualization literacy.

The project will engage the public in using the xMacrocope at the science museum and research center of the Science Museum of Minnesota and at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio. In both museum settings the public will interact with the Sportsology exhibit, where they produce different datasets of their personal attributes and capabilitie. Using the xMacroscope platform, they will then manipulate that data, creating diverse types of visualizations.

A collaborative effort between partners of the School of Information and Statistics at Indiana University and Kylie Peppler’s Creativity Labs.

Project Lead: Kylie Peppler