Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries

The Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries (CCLL) project is a research+practice collaboration between the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL), the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), the YOUMedia Community of Practice and the Connected Learning Research Network (CLRN) that enables libraries to better assess learning outcomes for their connected learning programs and boost their ability to use evaluation data to improve those programs. Spaces, programs, and research for connected learning in libraries have been supported since 2009 by cooperative funding by IMLS and the MacArthur Foundation. This project integrates and amplifies existing stakeholders and projects in this larger connected learning in libraries effort.

This project serves the needs of libraries by providing them with evaluation instruments, tools, and plans to understand and reflect on their effectiveness in implementing connected learning programs, and to describe their successes and value for interested audiences. The project addresses the following research questions:

  • What are appropriate learning outcomes of connected learning programs in libraries, and how can we measure them?
  • What evaluation tools and practices can best support the development and improvement of connected learning spaces and programs in libraries?

To answer these questions, the team of CCLL practitioners and researchers are currently collaboratively carrying out the following major activities:

  • Developing detailed descriptions of program designs, features, and outcomes to serve as the basis for development of assessment and evaluation approaches.
  • Examining existing literature to assess, refine and revise the program descriptions, expected outcomes, and evaluation approaches.
  • Developing measures, including short, medium, and long-term outcomes; measures of the implementation of program features; and contextual features and processes.
  • Embedding measures within evaluation plans to guide effective evaluation by specifying what measures are to be collected, from whom, and when, including details about how data will be analyzed. The measures and plans are piloted and field tested, the results of which are synthesized and included in case studies of the testing sites.

Evaluating Your Connected Learning Programs and Spaces Video Series

Case Studies:


Research team includes:

  • Mimi Ito, UC Irvine
  • Amanda Wortman, UC Irvine
  • Bill Penuel, CU Boulder
  • Katie Van Horne, CU Boulder
  • Josie Chang-Order, CU Boulder
  • Michael Harris, CU Boulder
  • Vera Michalchik, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Tim Podkul, SRI International

Librarian team includes:

  • Beth Yoke, YALSA
  • K-Fai Steele, National Writing Project
  • Candice Mack, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Mo Yang, Anythink Libraries
  • Lyndsey Runyan, Multnomah County Library
  • Eric Reyes, Chicago Public Library
  • Kevin Awakuni, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Marc Horton, Los Angeles Public Library

Project Lead: Mimi Ito