Art + Science: Hybridity as a Means for STEM Educational Equity

In this partnership with Dublin Science Gallery, University of Washington, and Kylie Peppler’s Creativity Labs, we aim to investigate, evaluate, and maximize the impact of interest-driven, transmedia learning experiences (i.e., learning that spans across media and settings) to improve and widen access to STEM engagement for youth and families from all backgrounds. We plan to (1) establish and deepen an international network to envision a new interest-driven, transmedia learning ecology; (2) identify key tools, materials, and supporting activities (e.g., sets of provocative challenges, online portals, and ways of creating STEM portfolios) with potentially high utility in engaging transmedia science learning; and (3) field test early prototypes among the general public to deepen our understanding.

We will highlight innovative ways to engage youth and families in STEM learning by extending high-quality museum experiences and leveraging social and new media platforms to extend and deepen the learning experience over time. Specifically, we propose to explore how we can combine the “engagement” expertise of community-based spaces (such as the Exploratorium as well as other national and international museums and science centers) with the national reach of well-known radio/media programs, like Science Friday. By working together, we hope to build a collaborative model of transmedia science learning that will help informal science educators and facilitators address the challenge of extending engagement beyond the initial museum or classroom encounter, and assist media organizations in converting passive audiences into active science experimenters.

Project Lead: Kylie Peppler