The great rewiring: is social media really behind an epidemic...

Nature | March 29, 2024

The evidence is equivocal on whether screen time is to blame for rising levels of teen depression and anxiety — and rising hysteria could distract...

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Candice Odgers

Will Banning TikTok Make Kids Safer Online? It’s More Complicated...

EdSurge | March 21, 2024

The relationship between social media and mental health is nuanced and different for each person, says Stephanie M. Reich, a professor of education at the...

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Stephanie Reich

Let’s Stop Shaming Teens About Social Media Use

ASCD | February 1, 2024

We’ve been told that social media is terrible for teens’ mental health, but science may not support that claim.

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Candice Odgers | Gillian Hayes

Stricter parental monitoring of social media isn’t always better, says... | January 29, 2024

Parents are often under the impression that the best way to protect their preteens and teens online is to restrict their use: limiting the amount...

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Stephanie Reich

Mental health care is in high demand. Psychologists are leveraging... | January 1, 2024

Even though digital therapeutics have significant potential, psychologists are also “still figuring out how to use these tools in the context of clinical workflows,” said...

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Stephen Schueller

Making Connections: Transformative Pathways to STEM

UCI ICS | November 28, 2023

A teacher or mentor can make a difference in a student’s life, recognizing an interest or talent and channeling that energy in a positive way....

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Maggie Dahn | Kylie Peppler | Mimi Ito

AI Technology Threatens Educational Equity for Marginalized Students

The Progressive Magazine | November 25, 2023

As schools across the United States rush to implement artificial intelligence for equity, access, and efficiency, it is important to recognize the potential harms of...

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Tiera Tanksley

Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Clarivate | November 15, 2023

Highly Cited Researchers have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their field(s) of research.

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Candice Odgers

Will ChatGPT give us a lesson in education?

Nature | October 25, 2023

There might be a learning curve as AI tools grow in popularity, but this technology offers teachers opportunities to help pupils acquire new skills around...

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Tamara Tate

How AI can teach kids to write – not just...

The Hechinger Report | October 25, 2023

"Mark Warschauer, a professor of education at the University of California, Irvine, has spent years studying how technology can change writing instruction and the nature...

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Mark Warschauer

Can You Hide a Child’s Face From A.I.?

The New York Times | October 14, 2023

Parents have been stressing out for at least two decades about what to share about their children online. Powerful new technologies present a more urgent...

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Mimi Ito

Confronting Loneliness With Tools From Psychological Science

Psychology Today | September 18, 2023

Social bonds are crucial to human life, shaping our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Just as our relationships are usually our greatest...

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Benji Kaveladze