Department: Governance Team

Kylie Peppler

Kylie Peppler engages in research that focuses on the intersection of arts, making, and interest-driven learning. She was an advisor to the Connected Learning Research Network and a member of the 2016 and 2017 National Educational Technology Plan Committee. Kylie specializes in the design of new technologies to support learning and participation within traditionally minoritized populations….

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Mimi Ito

Mizuko (Mimi) Ito is a cultural anthropologist, studying youth new media practices in the U.S. and Japan. She led the MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network and Digital Media and Learning Hub, and is co-founder of the nonprofit, Connected Camps….

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Katie Salen

Katie Salen is a designer working at the intersections of youth, online play, and learning. Her research focuses on various aspects of social-emotional learning in online game communities, including conflict resolution, peer mediation, collaboration, and problem-solving….

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