We research, design, & mobilize learning technologies in equitable, innovative, and learner-centered ways.

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Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio Case Studies This series highlights 11 teams developing youth-serving innovations that foster youth and community wellbeing through strengths-based, socially-connected, and youth-centered approaches.

What is Connected Learning?

Connected learning combines personal interests, supportive relationships, and opportunities. It is learning in an age of abundant access to information and social connection that embraces the diverse backgrounds and interests of all young people.

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Connected Learning Resources

Research Tools

The Connected Learning Research Tools site features tools and instruments from 11 connected learning studies and projects.

Youth Connections for Wellbeing

The YCW project seeks to identify, support, test, and communicate new digital strategies for tapping young people’s insights, agency, and technology engagements to support wellbeing.

Raising Good Gamers

The Raising Good Gamers initiative was created to catalyze positive change in the culture and climate of online gaming for youth.

Connected Lib

Helping librarians make learning connections with youth

Reclaiming Digital Futures

Lessons to help youth thrive through informal learning with technology.... This toolkit and an associated report, shares effective practices for equitable, youth-centered digital learning.

Affiliated Labs

Design and Partnership Lab

The Daplab is a collective of learning scientists and co-designers who partner with community members and organizations. Our work is backed both by academic and practical knowledge and directed towards the most pressing needs of community partners

Orange County Educational Advancement Network (OCEAN)

OCEAN supports partnerships between researchers at the UCI School of Education and schools, organizations, and educators. Our goal is to create initiatives and partnerships that positively impact our local communities.

Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab designs, develops, and studies digital and AI tools and curricula to promote language and literacy development and STEM learning in preK-12, higher education, and informal learning environments, with a focus on culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Connecting the EdTech Research EcoSystem (CERES)

CERES is aimed at reducing growing inequalities in children’s learning and development and increasing access to education for children with disabilities.

Games Learning Society

The Games+Learning+Society (GLS) center is the premier center for transdisciplinary research and innovation in games and interactive media for learning, behavioral and social change.

Made with Play

Made with Play supports the research of online, play-based environments for youth and centers youth voice, equity, and inclusion in the creation of healthy, caring, kid-powered communities.